Friday, 1 April 2011

What Were the Last Three Books that You Read?

Hi guys,
In a constant search for new books to enthrall myself with and an insatiable curiosity with what others are reading, I'm wondering what the last three books that you read were?

Here are mine:
1. The Element by Ken Robinson
2. Whitewash by Joseph Keon
3. Northwestern Wild Berries by J.E. Undrehill

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  1. I've read only two books and two magazines. I've read "A Brief History of the Crusades" and "The Case for a Creator". The Magazines are Scientific American which has articles on 7 promising green energy alternatives that are still in the experimental stage and Scientific American Mind which shows recent discoveries of the brain. The magazines are great. I haven't finished the books but are quite interesting. I haven't read any fiction for months.